Another Toy, ‘Lil John’

By Staff
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Rt. 2, Box 148

Horse Shoe, North Carolina 28742. All of us enthusiasts enjoy
the efforts of others, as we make our hobby all it can be. Tom
Copper mentioned in the April ’91 GEM in ‘Another Homemade
Mini Tractor’ being impressed by the ingenuity of the people
who ride around on their toys at shows. This gives us all a
challenge to tax our own abilities.

Our ‘Lil John’ is actually the remains of a well worn IH
Cub Cadet I acquired in some scrap trading. I could only use the
rear end and frame to build the tractor. We collect John Deeres and
have an unstyled B, a styled B, a 50, a 520N, and an H. So, we
needed a toy to match our displays at shows and parades.

I used a Volkswagen steering gear, some cultivator scrap parts,
old lawnmower and go cart parts for the front end; sheet metal and
rat wire for the ‘radiator’; a 10 HP engine and belt drive
to attach to the Cub Cadet clutch and throw out bearing.

We were able to color coordinate the seat (which we can ride
together) and top with striped canvas with fringe, from a local
fabric store.

Our IH friends think it’s terrible to have made ‘Lil
John’ from a Cub Cadet but that’s part of the fun, because
it’s really nice to ride across a show grounds in the shade
when it’s hot.

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