Another Model 'L' Case Restored

| April/May 1992

  • Case tractors

  • Case tractors

1306 Kirkwood Hwy. Elsmere, Wilmington, Delaware 19805.

In the spring of 1978 my son Wayne and I went to the Chestertown, Maryland salvage yard (Bennett and Cohey) in search of Case tractors that had come in recently. For several years (during the 50s, 60s, & 70s), they set aside any Cases that came in for us, and we would periodically check the yard. Bennett and Cohey advised us that there might be an old Model L Case for sale nearby. After getting directions, we set out to see a Mr. Kinsey who lived about twenty miles away. We bought the Model L for $450 and struck a deal on the 10-20 road grader also. We really bought this tractor for the rear tires, and later decided it should be restored.

Dave, my oldest son, did all the hauling at the time and moved it to his farm in Elkton, and later to our residence here in Elsmere. After many years of restoration, it was hauled to Dave's in time for his Annual Otto Gas Engine Works Swap Meet and Show in September. It will remain on display along with many other outstanding Case tractors and equipment.

Bob Lefever made his first set of 'L' fenders by using one of this 'L's' fenders as a pattern. Very good, aren't they? The Model L tractor was painted with DuPont's Dulux paint.