Another HERCULES Story

By Staff
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R.D. 2, Kinmundy, Illinois 62854

My name is Hercules, Serial #361030,6 HP Type S. I was made
around 1926 in Evansville, Indiana. After 68 or so years of being
in service, my exterior was in pretty bad shape, though my
compression, piston, rings and valves were still good. Then one day
last Fall during Ham &. Bean Day in Lebanon, Kentucky, a
stranger showed up and headed back where I was being stored and
loaded me up. I headed back to Illinois with him.

I knew when he got me home things were looking up. I was in a
warm garage for the winter, ’til Spring. Then I was
sandblasted, given a primer coat and new coat of green paint, new
decals, pin striping and new oak skids. I think I look a lot better
than the faded red I was last year.

Now I am looking forward to seeing some of you folks at several
engine shows this year. And by the way, my new owner is John D.

He also has a John Deere Type E l HP, Serial #241049, restored
last winter.

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