An Interesting Collection of Cultivators

| August/September 1990

600 Copperline Road Mount Vernon, Indiana 47620

I'd like to share with you three fine old motor cultivators Kenneth Durell of Mount Vernon has in his collection.

The first is a 1913 (or approximately) Heider Motor Cultivator made by Rock Island Plow Company. It was one of the first used after horses and, being mechanical, it was faster and less laboring than horses. They were also easier to guide. These were popular from about 1912 to 1925.

The second is a 1919 Parrett Motor Cultivator. This was marketed under Wilson and Parrett name and was made by Parrett Motor Company, Chicago. Its extra width (over nine feet) made cultivating more difficult. It has a flip around front wheel that some say would follow the rows better but if you didn't watch your hands, put it in reverse, it could cause a lot of pain.

The third, a 1919 Avery Motor Cultivator, has length but is only about six feet, eight inches wide and is easier operating than the Parrett. With its medium tread and bigger size, it pulls more. It too has a flip around front wheel.

All three of these motor cultivators were popular around 1920 but put to good use, most only lasted about seven years.