| January/February 1990

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Route 2, Box 330 Irrigon, Oregon 97844

The first time that I met Ambrie was at the marriage of one of my wife's relatives. Ambrie Bagley was a truck gardener for many years, owning and managing Chestnut Farms in Salem, Oregon. My wife and I had recently migrated to eastern Oregon with our three children to try our luck at farming, so Ambrie and I had something in common. We spent a good deal of time telling each other what we knew. As he knew a lot more than I, he did most of the talking. Anyway, Ambrie and I ended our first meeting on a positive note.

It was sometime later that Ambrie stopped by our farm on his way to a football game involving Oregon State. After discussing the crops that we were raising, the irrigation, the weather, and purposely avoiding politics, Ambrie asked, 'What kind of tractor do you have?'

In a low voice, almost hoping that he wouldn't hear, I said, 'I have a 1942 Model B John Deere, serial #128085, with a #5 mower.' I was sure what he owned would be far superior to mine.

He said, 'I have a John Deere 'A' and a Case with a front end loader.'

Sometime later my wife and I were visiting one of our daughters who was at college in Monmouth, Oregon. We decided to pay Ambrie and his wife a visit since they lived only a few miles from our daughter's apartment.