Almost A Secret

| June/July 1989

Box 43 Somonauk, Illinois 60552

Can you keep a secret? Are you sure? I wouldn't want this to get around to too many people. Every summer for the last 11 years, a group of people called the Bureau Valley Antique Club from in and around the little town of Ohio, Illinois have put on what they call 'Ol' Fashun Threshun Days'. Now these people and a bunch of their friends haul a lot of antique farm machinery out to a grove a couple of miles south of town and show off what grandpa and great-grandpa used to farm with. They thresh wheat with a Port Huron steam engine, cut lumber on a saw mill, run equipment with old gas engines and show off their old tractors.

Have you ever seen a Love tractor? How about an engine that runs on hot air? (Boy, could they use that in Washington!) Maybe the ladies would like to see an old time style show. Do you like homemade ham and bean soup? Saturday and Sunday, July 8 & 9, 1989 are the dates to save for this year's show. The showgrounds are just 1/2 mile west of Route 26, 2 miles south of Ohio, Illinois, or 9 miles north of 1-80 at the Princeton exit.

Now for the real shocker. They only want $ 1.00 to get in! But, please, don't tell ALL of your friends about this. If the parking lot gets too full, I won't be able to get in!