Allis Chalmers Model U

| July/August 1990

RR 3, Box 52 Dodge City, Kansas 67801

This is the story of my 1931 Allis-Chalmers Model 'U', and a 1940 Massey-Harris Super '101'.

The Allis-Chalmers Model U was purchased locally from a retired roping champion, Bud Hampton, who used it at the edge of town. It sat outside after he quit using it but the motor was still free. I dropped the pan and cleaned it up inside, then paid to have a valve job done. An interior heat tube in the manifold was rusted out, causing loss of vacuum and misfiring. I replaced the tube, checked the compression and installed a seal in the water pump. Then I proceeded to sand and prime it. I painted it Allis-Chalmers orange and put on decals ordered from Indiana. It runs good, and is a fine solid tractor. Am looking forward to showing it this summer.

I bought the Massey-Harris Super '101' from an individual who purchased it from the previous owner in a neighboring town. He said it knocked and smoked and he wanted to sell it. I found later that it had a broken piston, stuck valves, and a shelled out clutch disc. I had a valve job done, replaced the piston, new rings and inserts, and new clutch and throw-out bearing. I sanded and primed the metal and it is painted Massey-Harris red, with decals ordered from Indiana. I have shown it for two years and it's a good puller in the antique tractor pulls. The factory engine in this model is the Chrysler Industrial flat head six. I am currently working on a 1938 Allis-Chalmers model 'B' with serial #558.