| January/February 1972

  • 10 x 20 Titan
    Courtesy of Eldon Fanders, Plymouth, Nebraska 68424. Sent in by Edwin H. Bredemeier, Steinauer, Nebraska 68441.
    Eldon Fanders

  • 10 x 20 Titan

Blanchard, Iowa 51630.

Just thought I would like to tell you about an afternoon of threshing that my Dad and I did with some help from others on July 17, 1971. We cut 10 acres of oats a few days before and shocked them. Dad has two identical McCormick Deering 22 x 38 threshers, one which he bought in 1958 and the other he bought in September, 1970 from a cousin. The last one is probably one of the last new machines sold in this part of the country and has done less than one seasons run. We thought it would be kind of interesting to run both machines so as you can see in the pictures, we set them side by side and ran the grain into one wagon and had both blowers headed to one straw pile. We had approximately 85 visitors and helpers during the afternoon.

In one picture we are pulling with a 1941 John Deere D and a 1929 John Deere G. P. and the other picture shows 1938 Model G on one separator and the G. P. on the bundle rack. We also have a 1937 Model D which we pulled with a little while.

Eldon Fanders 10 x 20 Titan at Albany Show of 1971 in Sabetha, Kansas.

I might add that Dad started the 1941 D new in January 1941 and did considerable amount of threshing with it during the forties and early fifties. 1 got the G. P. near Monroe, Nebraska in March 1970. Both tractors have been repainted in the last year.

Dad has had quite a bit of experience in the threshing game. He started in 1927 and ran every year until 1961. He started on a 22 inch wood Rumely then a 30 x 50 steel Russell for thirteen years and a John Deere 28 x 46 for nine years and the McCormick Deering. The first tractor he used was a 10-20 Titan and then an early John Deere D.