| July/August 1999

Jr. 57 Michigan Street, Winchester, NH 03470

See the three pictures of the 2 HP Abenaque with attached Myers water pump. I restored this engine almost ten years ago. The 26' bull gear was broken in five places. Although this engine was inteded to be stationary, I wanted to be able to take it to the shows easily, so I made a drop frame set of trucks to help keep the center of gravity low. As far as we know here in the East, this is the only engine/pump known to exist.

I have an original catalog that states these were made up to and including 25 HP with an integral pump. I live less than twenty miles from both of the Abenaque factories and along with my friends help others with these engines--get them restored and running like a top. Anyone who would like to talk about Abenaques, write or call 603 -239-4689.