A Typical Monday - Many Moons Ago

| May/June 1976

Geigertown, Pennsylvania 19523

Dear Anna May and Walt Townsend McNabb, Illinois You have a request in Nov. & Dec. GEM for letters from some old timers experiences of yester-years.

The year is in the twenties. I am old enough to remember the activities going on during an average day on a small business place of a wheelwright shop, saw mill, shingle mill, and cider press. My Dad bought everything in 1921 and operated all of this, different parts of the year.

Otis Astle of Oxford, Pennsylvania operating his 20-40 Case with opposed motor. One of the first attempts to convert from steam to gasoline power. Tractor has a steam engine style governor. Seen at Rough & Tumble Reunion, 1975, Kinzers, Pa.

Picture of a device made to fit a Model T Ford car, so it could be used for pulling sulky plow or other farm machinery. On the hub cap it reads [PULL-FORD]. Does anyone have one and who made it? Would like some information on it. I recently bought it up at Cozy Corners, Wisconsin.

Horses and wagons are here unloading logs. The pile is fairly high in June and July. Dad would mark each log as to the way they were to be sawed with the owner's initials.