A Tractor That Was Never Built

| January/February 1998

Sr., 5071 Parrish Street Ext, Canandaigua, New York 14424

Several years ago you asked me for some photos and a story about our collection of tractors. I am sorry I am so late in answering your letter, but here is a story of one tractor.

I have seen mention in the last twenty years in books on old tractors, that General Motors had designed a larger tractor to go along with their little model 'M' Samson tractor, but never had built one. Actually they built about six, and we have parts of three one complete as pictured.

An ad (at right) in the 1919 Chilton Tractor Index tells of this tractor. It is a three-four plow size with a flat head with a G.M.C. made engine, direct-connected generator for lights, large wheels, etc. I acquired the tractor from Marvin Helgensen, Jamesville, Wisconsin. The tractors were built in Jamesville.

The pictures were taken by George Leisten, 5981 Ketcham Road, Canandaigua, New York 14424. You would not have this story if he had not stopped and taken these pictures.

One of the earlier Fairmonts, this railroad inspection car was purchased new by the Boston & Maine Railroad. It's a 1929 M19 RR car, with one cylinder; and a two cycle engine provides power through a belt drive. The engine slides to loosen or tighten the belt acting as a clutch. There is no transmission. The engine operates in either direction. Courtesy of Victor Cross, 3282 Old Quarry Road, Wever, IA 52658.