A Rare Tractor WD-40

| April/May 1996

  • WD-40 tractor

  • WD-40 tractor

8705 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Many years ago, more than I like to think about, in the late '30s and early '40s, whenever I could get away from working at home, I worked for a neighbor, Lee Kubin, who had two WK-40 McCormick Deering tractors, a blue one and a red one. He also had two separators, two silo fillers and shredders. I really liked working around the machinery at his place and thrashing at other farms in the area.

Those WD-40s were very good tractors with six cylinder engines. They were good at plowing or on belt work. A few years later I was able to buy this WD-40 from a friend who decided to sell it. The tractor was in excellent condition. We used it mostly for fitting ground. Over the years I made a grill for it to protect the radiator and I put on a cab for shade. The front tires were 750-20 which I changed to 1000-20 to give it more flotation and ground clearance.

About 1975, the WD-40 was parked in a corner of the barn and was almost covered up with baskets, bags, rags and dirt, until a year ago, when I decided to get it running again and give it a new paint job.

A friend who does sandblasting cleaned and primed it for me. Then it was a year before I got around to finish painting it.

As far as repairs, the tractor only needed minor work such as a new fan belt, cleaning the filters, cleaning and checking the injectors, oiling and greasing it, and it was restored. I rebuilt the injector pump about 1972 so it is in top shape.