| January/February 1996

  • Pennsylvania Panzer

  • Pennsylvania Panzer

765 Sunderland Road Concord, North Carolina 28027

The Panzer was complete with a mower deck. All that was missing was the gas lever on the 6 HP engine. I have always wanted a Panzer but could not afford it.

Now about the find: It all started out on a mid-July, 1995, hot morning. My friend Bob Gabel and I went to look for some lawn mowers and parts. It was not too easy to find this junk yard. I could not believe my eyes: I wiped the sweat out of my eyes, and there sat this Panzer beside a path. On each side of the path the junk was about three feet high with weeds and grass and maybe snakes. I may never go back to this place until there is snow on the ground to freeze the snakes!

I asked the elderly junk man the price for the Panzer. It was too high. I kept talking with him and made an offer. The man finally took it. I couldn't believe it.

Then it took a long time to dig the Panzer out. We had to move tons of junk so Bob and I could get the Panzer to the trailer.

This find was almost on my birthday so it was the best present I ever got, except the Lord. Hope you enjoy my photo. Does anyone have any literature on the Pennsylvania Panzer? If so, let me hear from you.