A One Tractor Mind

| September/October 1990

  • 1926 Fordson tractor

  • 1926 Fordson tractor

90 Rundlett Hill Road Bedford, New Hampshire 03102

One Sunday afternoon last summer my husband and I took our nephew for a ride through the country as a sure way to get the little guy to nap. It was drizzling a bit but the clouds were trying to break as we drove a familiar back road about ten miles from our New Hampshire farm. I kept looking in the rearview mirror watching the baby's eyes open and close sporadically.

And then it happened. It was all my fault. To this day I can't believe I initiated this whole obsession. There alongside the road, barely visible over the stone wall, was my husband's latest dream-a 1926 Fordson tractor in dire need of restoration. Paul didn't see it. We passed the dilapidated cape a few hundred yards from the tractor.

I hesitantly said softly, 'I think that was a Fordson back there.' One characteristic I retained from all my husband's literature such as Gas Engine Magazine is the steel wheels. Otherwise, prior to this obsession I didn't know a John Deere from a McCormick Deering.

We continued on our ride but the journey somehow ended back on the same road as the Fordson.

Everyday for a week he drove by that tractor until he saw someone. Jared was a middle-aged Yankee with an exposed tanned belly hanging over his dirt worn jeans. He was soon to be Paul's confidant.