A Louisiana Showplace

| June/July 1999

425 Kristle Lane, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70611

Tucked away in the piney woods of south central Louisiana is an absolute showplace of old iron and various other nostalgia. Located off Highway 489 just east of LaCamp is the home of Sam Curruth. LaCamp can be found among the other small towns of Hicks, Leander, and Cora. I had visited with Sam several years earlier just after I had gotten interested in old engines. At that time I didn't own a single engine, and I was completely taken by his collection of over 40 engines, several tractors, implements, cars, and numerous other pieces of equipment.

Though I had seen him several times over the years at various shows, it wasn't until a recent show in Browley, Louisiana, that we had a real opportunity to renew our acquaintance. I asked him if I could come visit him again. I always get a two-week break from work at Christmas time, so we set a date for Monday, December 21.

I left my house about 7:30 that morning with my wife following in her car to one of her favorite breakfast spots. After breakfast I drove for about an hour and a half up through the county, arriving at Sam's place around 9:30. Though I now own a number of engines myself, I was just as anxious to begin our tour as the first time I visited.

Just in front of his house is a small shed containing a 1908, 8 horsepower International Famous. Sam bought this engine at an auction in Colfield, Missouri. It is in original condition. I had recalled his running this engine on my first visit. He brought it to the recent show I mentioned earlier and had it running. In fact, I recognized the engine and because of it, I located Sam at the show. We talked over the engine for a long time. I was really impressed at how slowly he could make it run.

Of all of his engines, I like this one the best. It has that unmistakable hit and miss sound, and will coast to a near stop before just making it over the top to hit again. It's a real attention-getter at any show. Picture number one is of this engine.