A Half Century Together

| February/March 1991

R.D. #2, Coming, New York 14830.

The following provides an update on my two Massey Harris 4-wheel drives pictured in the August, 1986 issue of GEM.

The large picture, with me in the driver's seat, was taken by my son-in-law, Bob Brimmer, September 25, 1990, which marked the fiftieth anniversary of the date I purchased the tractor, as verified by my mother's 1940 diary. The tractor is a 1930 model, serial number 301118. I paid $300.00 for it in 1940.

The smaller photo shows the same tractor and plow in the same location. I bought the plow in 1941. The new barn wing was built in 1944, so this picture must date from two or three years after I bought the tractor. Notice it still sported steel wheels at that time. It was cut down for rubber in 1946 as soon as tires were released after the war.

Both it and its 1931 counterpart-still on steel-run as good as when I bought them, maybe better. I wish I could say the same for myself but, at seventy-five, I'll have to admit I've slowed considerably.