A Continental Tractor

Are There Any Left?

| October/November 2001

  • Continental Tractor

  • Continental Tractor

Kathy Falls sends this illustration of a tractor manufactured by The Continental Tractor Co., Continental, Ohio.

My step-dad Richard Lowe has been after me to send this picture to you for your magazine. By profession I restore old photos, and this illustration is from a newspaper clipping he carried around in his scrapbook for years. Richard is now 85 years old, and the only information he has on the tractor is as follows:

'Built and designed by William H. Lowe about 1919 to 1920. There were four or five units built and they were designed to make a 180 degree turn in the field. The tractor used a Continental engine made in Continental, Ohio. It was used on Mr. Lowe's farm, and as far as I know was sold out to Henry Ford around 1923. I can remember little about those tractors as I was about 5 years old.' Richard Lowe.

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