A Bigger Collection

| September/October 1986

R.R.1, Box 22, Clements, MN 56224

After buying a 1938 F-12, I decided I had to have some gas engines to add to my collection. The problem was to find an ad or auction with gasoline engines advertised. After five months of searching, I spotted an ad in the newspaper for a 1 HP John Deere and a 1 HP Fuller &. Johnson for sale. That is the start of the story.

I now own a 1926 1 HP John Deere, a 19-16 1 HP Fuller & John son, a 1937 1-2 IHC LA, a 1931 Maytag, a 1932 3 HP John Deere, and a 1929 3 HP IHC Type M.

If you are wondering how I got the money for this, take a look at page 14 in the May 1985 GEM. I just finished restoring the F-12 last year. I hope to get some of the engines painted in the fall, and to some shows this year. I would like any information that you people in engine land may have.