| October/November 1996

  • Bunnell with the Avery tractor

  • Bunnell with the Avery tractor

205 College Street Buffalo, Kentucky 42716

Sydney Bunnell has spent most of his 76 years collecting oddities. Lining the shelves inside the garage of his La Rue County, Kentucky farm are items like a camel saddle, an old grinder that looks like an exercise bike, and a gout stool.

But his true love takes up a lot more space and must be measured on a much larger scale.

For the past ten years Bunnell has been restoring, trading and collecting Avery tractors. At last count, he owns 25 of the big red machines which were manufactured by the B. F. Avery Company in Louisville, Kentucky, between 1943 and 1953.

One of Bunnell's favorite tractors is a rare 1943 crawler, which was built for use with row crops.

Bunnell said he has had 'substantial offers' for the crawler, but he isn't interested in selling. The other tractors are for sale, but Bunnell declined to name a price.