60 YEARS with Machinery

| July/August 1981

  • Samson Iron House tractor
    The other picture is of six of our twelve grandchildren
  • 20-40 Case tractor
    20-40 Case tractor

  • Samson Iron House tractor
  • 20-40 Case tractor

Boise, Idaho 83704

The picture is of a 1 HP IHC engine my dad got for me. The machinery on the ground is the blower pipe turntable and reverse gearing of an old Case wind stacker. Dad had to replace it with a later, gearless type.

Actually my love for machinery goes back further than this. Dad let me ride with him on the Hart-Parr '27'.

The first tractor I tried to drive was a LaCrosse 'Happy Farmer.' About the first thing I did was turn too short and catch the spade lugs on the grain binder tongue.

When I was 12, I helped my uncle thresh and plow with a 30-60 Oil Pull. I soon learned to adjust the fuel and water carburetors. (Water was used with the fuel to control pre-ignition.) I also could stop and start the thresher and idle the engine.

When plowing, we used an eight-bottom, independent beam, hand-lift plow. I could drive the tractor as the steering chains were disconnected from the front axle and steered only a single wheel which turned the front wheels around the ends and ran in the furrow through the field to guide the tractor. It was about ten feet out in front of the tractor on a triangular frame. The tractor had one speed, 1.9 mph.