| December/January 1986

  • 435 Diesel Tractor

  • 435 Diesel Tractor

Rt. 1, Greenville, WI 54942

I recently bought a 435 Diesel. The tractor has a 2-53 Detroit Diesel in it, and has the smallest calibrated injectors I found listed in the engine manual. It closely matches the gas engine 430.

Even though the engine is 25 years old, I got all the parts at a local truck garage. This is the same brand of engine in today's trucks, and were in the trucks at Foremost Dairies where I worked.

I was wondering if John Deere was testing the acceptance of the diesel engine, because the new generation tractors were offered in both gas and diesel. The cylinders were not, except for the two largest ones.

I pulled this tractor out of a snow bank in winter, and it was really in sad shape. The previous owner said he didn't run it for about ten years because the oil was gaining on it, which means the antifreeze was getting into the oil. When I started overhauling it and pulled the head, there was about 1 cups of water in #2 cylinder. I dipped that out, and put penetrating oil in both cylinders for two months. After that the pistons were still stuck, so I hammered them out and compressed the cylinder liners out and started at fixing everything.

The head got all new exhaust valves and valve seats in it, and the head was milled to remove the rust pits in #2 cylinder. Some of the rust pits were so deep that they couldn't get them out completely, so they are still in a little bit. The engine also got all new bearings, pistons, and liner kits, 35mm injectors and gaskets. I have done all the work I could at home that didn't require special tools.