| March/April 1979

R.D. 1, Box 224, Drums, Pennsylvania 18222

My name is Richard Ayre. I have two sons. Their names are James, who is 15, and John, who is 9. This story is about the fun we had finding and building a 1/4-size tractor.

We have a hobby of collecting engines and associated parts. One day we came across an old Montgomery Ward 7 HP lawn mower. It caught John's eye. We talked about it and finally decided to buy it from its owner. The owner thought it was very peculiar of us to want this lawn mower that didn't even have a motor.

Upon arrival at our garage, we already had big plans. Everything seemed just perfect for building a 1/4-size tractor.

Our first project was to take off all the unnecessary parts. Then there were a few adjustments we had to make.

We had to move the steering wheel back to make room for the engine. We were contemplating on three engines to run our tractor: one, an International LA, a 2 HP Witte and a 1 HP T & M. The Witte and the International were throttling governor and we finally decided the 2 HP Witte was the best choice.