1/3 Size John Deere 1 HP

| July/August 1986

814 S. Sophia Street Homer, Michigan 49245

We were talking in the Tri-State gas engine show at Portland, Indiana in August 1984 when we came across Robert Best of Kansas City, MO. He had on display a 1/3 scale size 1 HP John Deere engine I really liked it. Talking with him, I found out he had built it. After more talk, he told me he had planned on making only 15 sets of castings. It didn't take me long to decide I wanted one. So I asked him if he would put my name down on his list for one.

A few months later I heard from him, wondering if I still wanted one of his John Deere casting kits. I wrote right back telling him yes, I sure did.

In August of 1985 I received the castings. I spent the next three months building the complete buzz rig. I built the engine first, wagon second, then the buzz rig. I machined all bolts, screws, pins and several other pieces from stainless steel. All the springs were made from music wire bought at a music store.

I machined the piston rings from Meehanite (a good grade of cast iron). Building the ignitor was quite a job, mostly because it is so small. I kept at it until I got it to work just right and it still does.

The make believe magneto was formed from a small die I made using cold roll steel. The yellow wire coming from the make believe magneto is a hot wire connected to a 6-volt motor cycle battery and a low tension coil that I also built.