| September/October 1976

3609 Hillside Drive, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

The 23rd Annual Steam Engine Days, held on the second weekend of September, 1975 was blessed with good weather for the people to enjoy the sights and sounds. Although the event originated as just a steam engine show, gas engines have been added for the past two years, as there were a few collectors in the area who wanted to show gas engines. There were about 35 gas engines in 1975, coming from Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. 1976 promises to have a greater selection of engines as collections are growing and others are starting to collect.

Other events at the show include tractor pulls, stage shows, parades, antiques and a midway too. Something for everyone.

One of the not so common engines was this Gray owned by Robert Street, Decorah, Iowa. Robert's collection started with this engine, although he did have his Mother's Maytag before it. That's his Tom Thumb by I.H.C. in back

A nice Fuller and Johnson pump engine. It pumped water all day and the pail never did get full, must of had a hole in the bottom. It was owned by Jesse McMillen of Hesper, Iowa and shown by Robert Street. That is Robert's I.H.C. LA in back, and one of the few with a hopper lid.

This 1? HP John Deere is from my brother Robert's collection. He has done a very nice job of restoring the engine and it will run all day and not miss a beat.