1939 R. C. Case

| December/January 1989

  • Roy Blizzard Jr., on Case'
    My son, Roy Blizzard Jr., on the restored Case.

  • Roy Blizzard Jr., on Case'

Gandy's Beach Road, Newport, New Jersey 08345

I thought you would be interested in seeing my completely restored 1939 R.C. Case tractor.

It took us two years of searching and calling for parts, plus time spent waiting for parts once they were found. Thanks to Gas Engine Magazine I found all the parts needed, except for sleeves which had to be made.

The tractor has a completely rebuilt engine. The color is red instead of the original gray. Really it is called Flambeau Red. I personally like red better and since it is not in a show it doesn't matter. The rear rims are not the original equipment.

My father bought the tractor brand new.

I would like to give special thanks to Rosewood Machine & Tool of Ohio for supplying the new manifold, and also Duane Helman and all others who responded to my inquiries.