1939 John Deere Model L

Shows Up at a Church in Sulphur, Oklahoma

| March/April 1999

8816 S. 113th West Ave., Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74066-8488

The 1939 John Deere Model L showed up at a church construction site in Sulphur, Oklahoma, and Duane Lee knew that this little 'L' must have an interesting history.

Harwood S. Rowe was born in 1927. His father farmed with mules until Harwood was 13 years old. His dad exchanged his mules for a Model L John Deere. It took some learning for his dad's changeover. His dad was driving the new L in the yard and suddenly the clothesline came toward him and he yelled WHOA!, but the 'L' didn't. The mishap messed up the breather stack, and the clothesline didn't fare well either.

Changing to the L reduced the annual feed cost for the mules, which was $120 a year. The L cost was about $40 a year.

The L had a belt pulley that turned a small hand-fed ensilage cutter. They also had a very small thresher that was used far and wide for the peanut harvest. On their farm they grew cotton, corn, maize, peanuts and cane for ensilage and sorghum syrup.

His dad took the kids to the swimming hole in the summertime in a small trailer.