1937 F-12 Tractor

By Staff
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10884 High Street Senecaville, Ohio 43780

These photos are of my 1937 F-12 Farmall. The tractor was
purchased in November 1990 from a local farmer who used it up until
1986 to bush hog with. The mag went bad, and he parked it, so we
bought it. It was our first tractor. It had full steel on it, and
the motor was free. We brought it home, and in a day we were riding
it up the driveway!

Now came the hard part: total restoration. We took it all apart
and had it all sandblasted. We found a single front wheel for it.
It is a kerosene burner so we found shutters for it. The farmer had
the original oil can for it, which he found a couple of weeks later
and gave to us. We have all the optional equipment on it. It took
four months to restore.

We are just getting into the tractor hobby. We now have three
Farmall Regulars in running order (one on full steel); one Fordson
27 Model, full steel and running with fenders; one F-14 38 Model,
single front rubber wheel. We also have one McCormick-Deering
15-30, made July 3rd, 26 Model. This tractor is on full steel too.
The motor is stuck, but we will make it run with a lot of work. We
love it!

Hope you like our work.

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