1936 H.K.HUBER

| October/November 1988

  • Huber
    My H. K. Huber, Serial #11830, was manufactured in March 1936.

  • Huber

4617 Ithaca Road Horseheads, New York 14845

Originally sold by an agency in Rochester, New York, it spent its working life in Yates County New York powering a 28 x 46 Red River Special Thresher. Sometimes it was used to power a saw mill in winter. It never did field work like plowing or dragging. The tractor did the threshing on a commercial scale for about 25 years.

It was then stored in a building for another 25 years. I bought it and the Red River Special a couple of years ago. I painted it and added the decals and added the cab. The governor has had new bearings somewhere along the way. The engine has never been torn down. It is a Waukesha gas-kerosene engine. It usually starts on the third pull of the crank. I am the present owner and restorer.