Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry's

| September/October 1997

  • 1935 Ford 1 ton truck

  • 1935 Ford 1 ton truck

P.O. Box 1021 Palmer, Alaska 99645

The Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry is a nonprofit corporation devoted to the collection, preservation, restoration, exhibition and interpretation of artifacts relating to Alaska's transportation and industrial history. It has a large collection of tractors and other farm machinery.

Included in the museum's collection is a 1935 Ford 1 ton truck. The information I have is that the '35 Ford probably came to Alaska via the dealer in Valdez. It was taken to a homestead/mine at May Creek, two rivers east of McCarthy and about 52 miles west of the Canada-Alaska border.

The Copper River and Northwestern Railroad, which carried the copper ore from Kennicott to the coastal port of Cordova, was the lifeline for the many people in the area.

When the price of copper dropped, the mine was closed. As the people moved out, a lot of material was left behind. Individuals have, over the years and at considerable expense, brought out cars, trucks, tractors, machinery, crashed aircraft, and many other items important to the lives of people and labor.

In December 1986, a crew of men left Palmer with trucks and trailers loaded with tracked vehicles and provisions and went to McCarthy. The next leg used the tracked vehicles to ford two rivers and return with the '35 Ford and a Model T truck on the back of the '35, plus a lot of spare parts that had been collected the previous summer. The temperature in the area was 40°.