1932 40-62 HUBER

| April/May 1986

  • 1932 Huber

  • 1932 Huber

Rt. 2, Box 551-R, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

I purchased a 1932 40-62 Huber that was bought new by Ervin Berkbigler. He ordered the tractor from the Huber Mfg. Co., Marion, Ohio, for the sum of $3,200.00. It was shipped by rail from Marion, Ohio to McClure, Illinois, where it was unloaded and driven from McClure, across the Mississippi River bridge through Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and on north to Mr. Berkbigler's home in Friedheim, Missouri. This was about a 50-mile trip to his 340 acre farm, where he did sawmilling and threshing within a 25-mile radius.

In about 1975 Mr. Berkbigler sold the Huber to John Hall of Egypt Mills, Missouri to add to his collection of antiques. John sold us the Huber in 1984. My wife Jane, two sons (Chris and Corey) and I started restoring the Huber right away. A lot of the machine work was done to the clutch, flywheel and timing gears with help from my father-in-law, Clayton Davis. All the scroll work and lettering was hand painted by Nancy Collier from Jackson, Missouri. After working every night and weekends for five months, the Huber was finally finished.

We are members of the Egypt Mills Antique Tractor Club. At the first annual tractor pull this past summer, the Huber held the attention of many.

Plans for the Huber are to replace both original front tires and to install a roof.