1923 Fordson

| September/October 1990

  • 1923 Fordson tractor

  • 1923 Fordson tractor

HCR 1, Box 29A Douglas, North Dakota 58735

Early in 1986, my brother-in-law, Gilbert Swenson, called me from Redding, California, about a 1923 Fordson for sale. 'It's in pieces,' he said, 'but a real good buy.'

So my wife and I went to California to look; we liked it, bought it and rented a U-Haul trailer. We loaded the pieces and pulled it behind our motor-home back to Douglas, North Dakota.

And now the fun began! Some of the parts on the tractor were missing, so I bought another Fordson with a stuck engine for parts from a neighbor. I was able to get some bearings and gears from a place in Escanaba, Michigan. I changed the ignition system. I did away with the magnets on the flywheel and the spark coils. I obtained a bracket and drive assembly with a magneto which drives off the camshaft. A one blade disc plow made in Columbus, Georgia, came with the tractor which I restored.

As one can see by the picture, the restoration was hard work, but the result is my pride and joy. However, my wife says I cut up the yard too much driving around with the lugs.