1922 Tractor At County Fair In Henry Gives Viewers Look At Past

| November/December 1975

We wish to thank The Peoria Jounal Star, Inc. of 1 News Plaza, Peoria, Illinois 61601 for permission to use the story by Dave Lane on the '1922 Tractor At County Fair, Etc.'

HENRY - Farm tractors being driven around fairgrounds are a common sight these days, but fairgoers stopped to watch this weekend when Walt Townsend drove his tractor at the Marshall-Putnam County Fair.

Many people take the huge dark-green-and-orange machine for a steam engine, but it isn't. The 1922 Aultman-Taylor tractor operates on regular gas and can be switched over to kerosene once it has warmed up.

Weighing 25,000 pounds before any liquids are added, the tractor comes to better than 13 tons when 120 gallons of water are put in radiator and the fuel tanks are filled with 20 gallons of gas and 75 gallons of kerosene.

TOWNSEND, who is extension adviser for Marshall and Putnam counties, has been using the tractor to furnish power for the belt-driven threshing machine and stationary baler used in demonstrations at the fair, and for just driving slowly around the grounds to show people what a farm tractor looked like back in the 1920s.

'My wife bought this for me last Thanksgiving and said it was my Christmas present,' Townsend quipped.