1918 Parrett Tractor

| October/November 1993

  • 1918 Parrett 12-25 Tractor

  • 1918 Parrett 12-25 Tractor

Rt. 2, Box 299, Worthington, Indiana 47471

Here are a couple of pictures of a 1918 Parrett 12-25 Tractor. The men in the pictures are Wilbur Franklin and Merle Jean, Sr., (with the hat).

Wilbur worked at a factory in Indianapolis where these tractors were assembled. He drove this one home from Indianapolis to Worthington, Indiana, to use for demonstrations. It was an 80 mile stint which took all day. He said they would get tired of riding, so he would get off and walk behind it, letting the other person ride it for a while. Wilbur is still living. He is 96 years old and his mind is still very clear. Merle has been dead for several years.

This tractor company sold some tractors to Massey Harris, I think it was called a #2 Massey Harris. Do any of these tractors still exist?