Custom Built Cub Cadet Buggy

Check out Forest Spaulding’s custom built buggy pieced together using several parts from a cub cadet and various other tractors.

| June / July 2020

Forrest, driver, with his brother-in-law, Earl Brant, who helped to build the buggy.

Enthusiast Forrest Spaulding and three friends planned to attend the Florida Flywheelers Antique Engine & Tractor Show, but mobility was an issue for some of them. The answer: this buggy, pieced together using recycled and custom fabricated parts, much like Frankenstein’s monster. This is how his fascinating homemade utility vehicle came to be.

It’s made up from two Cub Cadet 100 grills welded together, a 7000 Kohler 3hp engine, and a 90-degree gearbox from a different brand riding tractor. The transaxle came from a Cub Cadet along with the steering column and seats. The rear seat is from an old Bronco. The front axle is homemade. The rear axle was extended out to accept Ford model wheels. The shifter is from an Allis-Chalmers WD and is hooked to the transmission by a long rod (as a bus pusher-type would be done). A two-groove pulley was added to the engine. One groove drives the Cub Cadet clutch and transaxle, the second groove is hooked to the Cub Cadet starter/generator.


The rear fenders are made from four Cub Cadet fenders cut up and pieced together. The rear bumper/step is just an oak board mounted on two LaSalle running board brackets. The frame and all of the sheet metal including the box are all custom made. 

Making new use of old seats, Forrest’s homemade utility vehicle is able to ride four passengers.


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