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1921 2hp Waterloo Boy K

This 1921 2hp Waterloo Boy K was restored by Emma Riese in honor of her late father, Bryon Riese, and was restored with parts from a Wonder engine.

1884 Schleicher-Schumm

This 1884 Schleicher-Schumm, designed by Nicholas Otto, is one of the earliest 4-cycle engines in the U.S.

1910 National Gas Engine

This National gas engine was used to power generators, mills, pumps, sawmills and more.

Twin Sideshaft Hit-and-Miss Briggs & Stratton Conversion

This sideshaft hit-and-miss Briggs & Stratton conversion engine was acquired in a trade at Coolspring.

8hp Callahan Cam Stopper

Chris Epping's 8hp Callahan cam stopper engine was finished in February 2015.

1927 17 hp Fairbanks-Morse Z

Cristy Miller's 17 hp Fairbanks-Morse Z doesn't appear in any literature and was never cataloged. The previous owner says that the engine is one of six made in Fairbanks-Morse's Canadian plant.

Dan Newendorp’s Circa-1913 Associated Chore Boy

Dan Newendorp, Kalona, Iowa, brought his circa-1913 1-3/4 hp Associated Chore Boy to the 2018 Old Threshers Reunion, held over the Labor Day weekend in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

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