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1867 Otto-Langen Video

The 3rd oldest operable gas engine in the world. The 2 oldest are both in Europe.The engine was designed to run on "town gas", ie very poisonous coal gas.  Due to the explosive nature of this gas, it couldn't be used to power a crank directly.  Instead, the gas explosion is used to compress ...


2020 Virtual Gas Engine Show

A collection of videos by Coolspring Power Museum exhibitors unable to attend the June 2020 show with an introduction by Dr. Harvey. A few engines included in the video are listed below. 2 horsepower Domestic engineDeutz Gasmotoren-Fabrik with self-contained cooling system under engine and ...

Domestic Hit and Miss Video

This video shows a little 1-1/2 horsepower engine that was made in early 1911 by the Domestic Engine & Pump Company of Shippensburg, PA.The engine is in nice shape & looks all original on its original factory cart.

4 hp IHC Famous Hit Miss Gas Engine

Rare Rumsey Williams Integral Frame Gas Engine

Unusual 10 Hp Rumsey-Williams throttle governed gas engine.  The integral wagon frame and open crankcase is beautifully cast and finished, but the large, complex casting probably made this an expensive engine, limiting sales. Serial number #101.

3hp IHC Verticle Hit-and-Miss Gas Engine

Watch Tom Winland’s 3hp IHC verticle hit-and-miss engine with a rare natural gas carburetor.

Pattin Brothers Gas Engine

A year of repairs and restoration and this 15hp Pattin Brothers engine starts for the first time in over 30 years. 

National Gas Engine

A close-up look at a National gas engine running.

1920 Ruston & Hornsby Model L E

Jamie and Luke Coates start a Ruston & Hornsby Model L E paraffin engine, built in 1920.

Gas Engine Magazine

Preserving the History of Internal Combustion Engines