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Tips of the Trade

Since the January 2006 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, engine enthusiast Peter Rooke has been sharing his restoration expertise through detailed articles that often span several issues.Peter Rooke’s book, Gas Engine Restoration, is now available through Gas Engine Magazine.As an editor, it’s ...

Listening to you

Aside from being a beautiful engine, the interesting thing about the cover photo of the June 2009 issue of Gas Engine Magazine is that you, the reader, chose it.The cover of the June 2009 issue of Gas Engine Magazine.Tom Winkler’s 1904 6 HP C.P. & J. Lauson was one of four cover images ...

Learning as we go

In the February 2009 issue of GEM, we ran an article titled “Using their Heads” submitted by Ben Romich. It was a short piece about how Ben and his neighbor, Elmer Sherwin, restored an old headless Fairbanks-Morse and made some creative modifications along the way.Elmer Sherwin, who helped ...

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