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Welcome to the Stover Engines Resource Page, a resource for information about antique gas engines produced by the Stover company. Browse through the links on this page for thorough information about Stover engines. With each issue of Gas Engine Magazine, we'll add Joe Maurer's "Stover Stuff" articles. Last updated April 2013. 

Stover Engine Links

Stover Gas Engine Registry 

Stover expert Joe Maurer provides shipping information about Stover gas engines, straight from the factory records. Includes a PDF of the most recent registry, updated May 25.

Stover Resistry 


History of the Stover Engine Works 

Start off learning more about Stovers by reading this history of the company, published in Gas Engine Magazine in 1981.


History Stover 


D.C. Stover: The Man Behind the Name 

Daniel Carroll Stover started the engine company.

DC Stover Grave 

Original Price List for Stover Gas Engines 

How much did Stover engines originally cost?

Price List Stover 


The Story of Old Stover Engine 974 

An early 4 HP Stover engine with the low serial number of 974 becomes the restoration project of upright engine collector Duane Schulz.

974 Stover 


A Grain Elevator and a Runaway Stover 

The story of Bill Stewart’s retrieval of a 3 HP Stover engine, Type KG, from the Bristol Grain Elevator. 

Bill Stewart Stover 


Stover Engines and Young Folks 

Kids and antique gas engines go hand-in-hand. Just look at this Stover engine with Stover feed grinder owned by 7-year-old Molly Hackbarth.

Kids with Stover 


5 HP Stover Engine & the Case of Dynamite 

A very original horizontal tank-cooled 5 HP Stover engine rescued from a case of dynamite.

Stover 5 HP 


Stover Engines in Australia 

Stover Stuff: Cooper-badged Stover engines found in Australia.

5 HP Stover W 


Stover Company Dinner Bell 

The Stover Company made more than just Stover Engines, like this Stover dinner bell.

Stover Dinner Bell 


A Pair of Early Stover Engines Type K 

Two collectors discuss their Stover engines and the engines' histories, with information from the Stover Engine Registry.

4 HP Stover T 

Engine Collectors Tell the Stories of their Stover Engines 

Engine collectors are always on the hunt, but one collector found a Stover engine at the city dump. 

 History Stover 

D.C. Stover and Henry Ford

D.C. Stover utilized Henry Ford’s Model T Ford for an array of products.

 Stover Feed Grinder 


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