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Picking your favorite anything – whether it’s a vintage tractor or implement – means making some hard decisions. Now try picking your favorite articles from the hundreds written and published in Farm Collector magazine, which since 1998 has become a staple of the vintage farm equipment community.

That’s what you’ll find in the latest special collector’s edition from Farm Collector magazine, The Best of Farm Collector. For this special selection of articles culled from the last 10 years, the editors turned to the magazine’s readers, and thanks to the wonder of the Internet, it was readily apparent which stories get the most attention.

Whether you’re talking old shoes or old furniture or old pickups, the common thread among favorites is often a blend of comfort and dependability. It’s a bit different when it comes to picking favorite articles, but it’s a safe bet that a good story is at the heart of it.

What makes a good story? It’s the one you share with a neighbor who drops by; the one you tell the guy at the office. Back in the days when there were still newspapers, a college professor said a good story was the one that prompted the man reading the paper over breakfast to put it down as he said to his wife, “Hey, Maude, listen to this …” A good story often contains an element of surprise, a twist that gets your attention (Really? Some guy restored a 1958 combine and put it to work?). Alternatively, it may be informative (How does a cream separator work?) or it may sketch a big picture (Ten Agricultural Inventions that Changed the Face of Farming in America). It may offer a trip down memory lane (Scale models and toy tractors), or simply bring a smile to your face (Man builds collection of vintage ice cream freezers).

Quite simply, a good story is one you want to both revisit and share. In this special compilation, you’ll find the variety you’ve come to expect from Farm Collector, everything from tractors to engines, implements to hay trolleys, toys to wood stoves. As we tell the story of vintage farm equipment, we’re happy to share some of your favorites from the last 10 years in The Best of Farm Collector.

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