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If you turn your head every time a steam whistle blows, you'll want to check out this great selection of vintage steam literature. With catalogs featuring Huber's great return-flue engines, Aultman & Taylor's classic "Sunflower" engine and Avery’s giant underslungs, this selection of vintage steam brochures highlights the power and beauty of steam traction engines. Hardcore steamers will also appreciate C. Giddings' classic "Development of the Traction Engine," originally published in The American Thresherman in 1916-1917.

This brilliant collection includes:

Avery Line: Filled with pictures and descriptions of the 1923 line of motor farming, threshing, hauling and road building machinery.

Geiser Manufacturing Co.: This 56-page book includes New Peerless ZZ, ZI and U-1 steam-traction engines. TT, RR and Q and their parts are also detailed, as well as AA separators and clover hullers.

Development of the Traction Engine: A booklet of illustrated articles from The American Thresherman 1916-1917. A great and valuable resource for farm steam-engine collectors.

Traction Engine Troubles: A compilation of questions and answers from The American Thresherman circa 1909. Reader-submitted questions about steam traction engines and their operation are answered by the editors. Reprinted in 2003.

Aultman & Taylor Machine Co., 1898 Annual: Eureka Jr., Hercules, and Woolf patent valve gear, straw burners and portable engines are all discussed and beautifully illustrated in this 32-page reprint with a color cover.

C. Aultman & Co. Threshers & Engines: Packed with Star and New Star threshers, Star engine and Marsh steam pump. Semi-portable and stationary engines, and Phoenix straw burner.

The New 1913 Huber: A reprint of the vintage catalog focuses on traction and plow engines from 16 to 30 HP, plus straw burners, road rollers and a 30-60 gas tractor.


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