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New Music Inspired by Poems from The Iron-Man Album

Before gas tractors plowed the fields, steam traction engines ruled the prairie. Now, the glory days of steam farming live on through the words of the men and women who experienced them firsthand.

Twelve poems, originally submitted to Iron Men Album back in the 1950s, have been unearthed and set to original music by folk musician and Gas Engine Magazine (Farm Collector) editor Christian Williams on this new audio CD. To give the album an old-time American feel, Williams used instruments unique to American folk music, including banjo, washtub bass, steel resonator guitar and autoharp. Listen to Smoke on the Prairie, one of the songs in this unique music CD.

“Lesser musicians would've have given us a tepid collection of by-the-numbers ‘folk’ songs. Not Christian. As always, he's written and performed all the music on this collection, but it's his heart that makes sure that these songs sparkle with individual brilliance. Each one of these numbers has its own feel and style. Yes, Mr. Williams mines the rich veins folk, roots music and proto-country but the end results have a vibrancy and life most artists can't achieve.”

This is a first-hand account of early American farming, let the words and music take you back to a time when steam was king.

Track listing:

  • Dreaming of Steam
  • Vanished Days
  • On the Farm
  • Haywire Sawmill
  • Charlie and His Case
  • Threshing Crew
  • The Lazy Farmer
  • Good Old Russell
  • Village Blacksmith
  • Smoke on the Prairie
  • My Old Steam Engine
  • Death of a Steam Man

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Author: Christian Williams

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