Tips and tricks for restoring and repairing antique tractors, gas engines and steam traction engines.

Long-Lost 1907 Sta-Rite 6 HP Engine Runs!

By Barney Kedrowski

Reuniting a 1907 Sta-Rite 6 HP engine with its long-lost family — and having a whole lot of fun along the way.

Firing Up a 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ

By Peter Rooke

A 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ gets a well-deserved restoration – Part 1 of 4

Set Ignition Timing With the Squarker

By Bruce Pierson

How-To: Build the Squarker device to help set ignition timing.

Baker Monitor: Sitting Pretty

By Robert and Terrie Pearson

Baker Monitor VJ gets new owner and fresh look.


Reverse Electrolysis Primer

By Gas Engine Magazine

Peter Rooke uses reverse electrolysis to add rust and patina to new parts.

How To Solve Power Stroke Diesel Truck Injector Problems Inexpensively

Press Release

Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator has finally solved the common and costly fuel injector problems diesel truck owners have lamented for years.

“John Bean” Fruit Tree Sprayer and the O-4 McCormick Orchard Tractor

by Farm Collector

O-4 McCormick orchard tractor and John Bean fruit tree sprayer hold special place in collection.

Fairbanks-Morse Z Farm Team Resurrection

By Brian Edgerton and Les Fossum

1917 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse Z and its companion Typhoon pump get a new lease on life