Getting Fired Up: Completing the 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ Restoration

Peter Rooke makes a battery box for the Baker Monitor VJ, part 4 of 4.

| June/July 2015

This is the last in a four part series on Peter Rooke's restoration of a 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ. Read part 1, part 2 and part 3 for earlier stages of the restoration.

Battery box

It is still possible to purchase original battery boxes, but most have no lid and require some degree of restoration. There was no chance of finding one locally and to have one shipped would be expensive, so one would be made to original dimensions.

Inquiries on resulted in details of the measurements of a battery box 10 inches wide, 6.5 inches deep and 8 inches tall. Looking at some photos on the Internet, the thickness of wood used would be 1-inch at the rear for bolting it to the engine; the other sidepieces would be 0.375-inch and the base 1-inch.