Tips and tricks for restoring and repairing antique tractors, gas engines and steam traction engines.

1914 IHC Mogul Project

By Kelly Barnett

A collector takes on a restoration project in the form of an IHC Mogul engine.

Mining for Gold: A Rare Stover Model U Gets a Makeover

By Mark Winscott

A 1913 8 hp Stover Model U used for crushing gold and silver in the mines of New Mexico is restored and running.

The Arkansas Messinger Engine

By Paul Schmidt

A Messinger engine found in Arkansas returns home to Pennsylvania.

7 hp Fuller & Johnson Restoration

By Richard Adams

This circa-1914 7 hp Fuller & Johnson was found complete in a yard but needed work.


1919 Eaton Restoration – Part 3 of 3

By Peter Rooke

After making a fuel tank and applying a new coat of paint, the Eaton is finished!

1919 Eaton Restoration – Part 2 of 3

By Peter Rooke

Making governor weights, a latch arm and muffler for the Eaton from scratch.

1919 Eaton Restoration – Part 1 of 3

By Peter Rooke

Peter Rooke starts on his next restoration project, a 1 hp Eaton engine.

John Smyth 4-1/2 hp Restoration – Part 5 of 5

By Peter Rooke

It's finished! Peter Rooke completes the restoration of his John Smyth engine.