Rod and piston assembly, Sharpies, Maytag fuel mixture, spray cart and Easy Engine

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| October/November 2004

39/10/1: Rod and Piston Assembly 
Can someone help me identify this rod and piston assembly? The piston is 3-1/4 inches in diameter, and the rod fits a 1-1/4-inch crank and has 'A11-12B' cast on the rod.

I also need a rod for a 1-1/2 HP Stover K with 'A-80' cast on it. Thanks. Wes Faust, 1153 White Chapel Drive, Central Point, OR 95702; (541)664-9119;

39/10/2: Sharpies 2-1/2 HP 
I found a 2-1/2 HP Sharpies gas engine with dual ignition. I would like to correspond with anyone having a similar engine. Raymond Wickham, Box 402, Dumont, 1A 50625-0402; samwick@netins. net

39/10/3: Maytag Fuel Mixture 
In reference to Gas Engine Magazine, August 2004, 39/8/2: Maytag Fuel Mixture. I have some Maytag facts, but they do not make mixing any clearer.

On an unopened can of Maytag multi-motor oil it states: 'The mixing proportions of this fuel are one part Maytag multi-motor oil to 16 parts of gasoline (2 ounces of oil and 1 quart of gasoline).'

I have an original Maytag fuel mixing can and measuring cup, that works out to 2 ounces of oil in 1-1/2 pints of fuel, which is a 12-to-1 ratio or about 0.6 pints per gallon.