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Help Identify This 1920s Engine

By Staff

Reader Ivan DeVries in Montana sent us photographs of an engine he discovered while cleaning out his grandfather’s old farm shop. Based upon a 1924 Case stationary baler he also discovered, Ivan believes the engine dates to the same time. “It was in a corner covered with old horse tack and old binder canvases,” Ivan writes, adding, “I remember Grandpa telling about sending 25 boxcars loaded with hay to Minnesota. It was brought to town in wagons and he baled it before putting it in the boxcars.” The engine, which appears to be missing its base and gas tank, looks similar to many Alamo-built engines. However, most of those used flywheel weights while this engine has a flyball governor. Among other items found was what appears to be the engine’s original steel cart. If anyone can confirm the engine’s identity, please let us and Ivan know.


Ivan DeVries

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  • Published on May 10, 2016
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