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United Type A Engine Igniter and Fuel Tank

By Staff

Reader Bill Gingerich writes in looking for information on a United Type A engine he has. Bill writes: “I need information on a United Type A 1-3/4 hp, serial number 104065. It originally had an igniter, now changed to spark plug. The original mixer is gone and it now appears to have a Briggs & Stratton float-type carb. I wish to change it back to igniter, or a better spark plug setup. The fuel tank is gone; was it in the base? 

Bill Gingerich
24491 Cemetery Road
Spartansburg, PA 16434
(814) 654-7254

A look at Dick Webber’s excellent web site devoted to  United engines ( suggests your engine was probably built in the 1916-1918 time frame and that the fuel tank should indeed have been in the base. Looking at two Type A engines on Dick’s site, one built prior to yours (the engine in the photo at left, which has serial number 103637) and one built after, both have fuel tanks in the base. One has an igniter and the other has clearly been converted to spark plug. The mixers are different on both engines.

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  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
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