Help with Identifying “Milker” Engine

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by Marlyn Jennings
Unidentified engine, cleaned up and painted.


My name is Cliff Jennings, My father is Marlyn Jennings. He is an avid collector of hit-and-miss engines and has been for years. He has enjoyed reading your magazine for years and is looking for a bit of help. He’s 84 and doesn’t write so clearly, so he asked me to send this on to you. He is looking for any information from subscribers who might know what this engine is that he acquired a few years ago. Here is the letter he asked me to send.


Image: by Marlyn Jennings

Lower section of unidentified engine as found.

Dear Gas Engine,

I’m sending you these photos of an engine I have had for some time. There is no name on it nor any serial number. The only letters are on the side of the water tank and say “Milker.” After cleaning the engine, in the crankcase I found two cylinders laying horizontally that run off a camshaft. This indicates to me that this engine was used for a vacuum pump. Any additional information anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.



Image: by Marlyn Jennings

Flywheel side of engine as it was when he found it.

Marlyn Jennings
River Falls, WI
(715) 425-6329

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Published on Jul 15, 2019

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