Fairmont Type QM Help Requested

| 5/8/2018 12:00:00 AM


I have a Fairmont Type QM 6 hp engine that belonged to my late father. I’d like to get it running again, but I know very little about it. I am hoping that you can help me. I would like to know what gasoline to use (leaded, unleaded, and what octane?), what oil to mix (regular motor oil, 2-cycle oil?) and the ratio. I believe he used a ratio of 25:1. Also, could you tell me what voltage battery to use on the coil? I would like to find some literature and/or manuals, if they exist. I appreciate any help you can offer.


Gene A. Trevail
Catskill, New York

Gene, in the April 1989 issue of GEM, regular contributor Andrew Mackey noted that his Fairmont manual called for a high 12:1 ratio. Engines of that era used standard 30w or 40w engine oil and leaded fuel. You shouldn’t have any issues running unleaded for display purposes. The coil is most likely rated for 6 volts. Perhaps a reader can confirm? – Editor