| January/February 1973

  • Old-Time Machinery
    Courtesy of Marvin Green, Boyden, Iowa 51234 and the Doon Press, a newspaper known as-Weekly on the rock, for the Great Northwest of Ioway-.
    Marvin Green
  • Minneapolis Cross Mount
    Courtesy of Lyle Dumont, 3016 Raven Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240.
    Lyle Dumont
  • 1918 Republic 2 Ton Truck
    Courtesy of Barr Bros., Route 2, Fullerton, Nebraska 68638.
    Barr Bros.

  • Old-Time Machinery
  • Minneapolis Cross Mount
  • 1918 Republic 2 Ton Truck

Boyden, Iowa 51234.

Gerrit Havelaar, 50, who farms with his son 3 miles west of Hudson, South Dakota, has no time for loafing. When he isn't making a go of the farm he's in his machine shop adding to his line of toy machinery.

So far he has built to true one-half scale of these working models of old-time farm machinery a 1930, 15-30 McCormick tractor; a 1931, 28' x 46' Avery threshing machine; a wagon with wheels; and a hay rack also with iron wheels. It took him 15 years of part time work to complete these four pieces. Said Marvin Green of Boyden, an antique enthusiast, 'Gerrit Havelaar's tractor and threshing machines are just unbelievable.'

Havelaar was born on a farm south of In wood. There were lots of moves throughout his childhood and the home-made models of farm machinery he made from boards and such were always left behind. 'Now I'm catching up on my childhood fun,' he said, 'and besides I like to help people stir up their memories of the good old days.'

First to be built was the Avery threshing machine. His working model was the 1931, 28 x 46 Avery owned by his uncle. He measured it and modeled the miniature after the real thing--true in every respect to the scale of one-half size. It is a true working model, capable of threshing oats. It weighs about 900 pounds and took and estimated 2,200 hours to build. In 1964 the wagon was built and the hay rack in 1965.

The actual working model of the 1931, 15-30 McCormick Deering tractor was started in November of 1970 and completed in December of 1971. Helping him with this model was his son Chuck, age 27. Some 1,500 hours went into making the old McCormick Deering. And yes, it runs under its own power. Its engine is an old Kohler engine cut down and modified to fit; its transmission came out of a car. The tractor also weighs 900 pounds.